Lemurian Seed Crystal Specimen

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Lemurian is a powerful quartz mined in Brazil that has horizontal striations going across the sides of the points.

• A perfect crystal for spiritual advancement and understanding spiritual energies

• Raises vibrations and allows us to access wisdom, information and past life memories through meditation and journey work

• Aids in emotional, physical and past life healing

• Provides peace, harmony and connects us to our sense of purpose

Sizes from 1"- 4" 

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I'm an occultist who's purchased crystals and stones from more sources than I could begin to recount, both mundane and practitioners. And aside from the very accessible prices and fast shipping, I'm delighted with my banded agate! It has warm and supportive energy to it, and feels like a friend. They really do charge these with good intentions and positive vibes. I look forward to buying more!


So so happy with my purchases from Obsidian Owl. Amazing quality crystals at affordable prices. A good selection of different types and styles of crystals. Fast and efficient service, arrived in days. Was not disappointed not only were they more beautiful in real life, they also threw in some freebies. 100% recommend this family owned small business! They go the extra mile and Reiki infuse them too.Can't wait to make my next purchase!



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